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Baseball Weighted Round Pitching Mound Tarp Cover - 18 Ounce Vinyl

  • Constructed using 18oz waterproof vinyl
  • Available as standard or custom sizes
  • 2 LBS chain pockets cover 50%
  • Allows water to flow off the tarp
  • Durable design can be reused season after season
Availability: Made to Order - Ships in 5 business days
Pricing: $414.00

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Pitching mound tarps are essential for keeping your team’s baseball field game ready. In minutes heavy rain can cause damage to a pitcher’s mound that will take days to repair. Professional grounds keepers will deploy the pitching mound cover after each practice or game plus keep them in place the entire off season. The most common baseball field pitcher’s mound size is 18’ but we can build any size.

Traditionally pitching mound covers are secured using ground spikes but those are time consuming to install and remove. To correct this issue many manufacturers, offer mound covers with chain sewn into the hem. The weight of the chain prevents wind from blowing the tarp away. This solution works but is difficult to use due to the extra weight plus the raised hem holds water creating an 18’ pond each time it rains.

In 2020 Lookout Mountain Tarp was the first manufacturer to correct these problems. Our weighted hem pitching mound covers feature two-pound chain pockets covering about 50% of the tarp’s perimeter. This upgrade chops the weight in half making the tarp much easier to use. As an added bonus the gap between these chain pockets provides a path for water to naturally flow off the tarp.

This new design provides ample securement for 99% of all weather. In the event extreme weather is expected or the field will not be used for an extended period use ground spikes to fully secure the tarp through the included grommets.

Our preferred fabric for baseball pitcher’s mound tarps is 18-ounce vinyl coated polyester. This fabric features excellent UV resistance and has proven its durability for generations around MLB parks. It is assembled using heat seal seams which are virtually invisible and 100% waterproof. The outer perimeter is folded to create a 2-ply thickness known as the hem. This hem is sewn with a double lock stitch using our rot resistant 207 polyester bonded thread. Brass #4 rolled rim locking spur grommets are centered in between each of the chain weights.


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