Lookout Mountain Tarp - Chain Loaded Infield Spot Covers

Baseball infield spot covers are a type of tarp used to cover the clay dirt areas of a baseball field while not in use. They are used cover home plate, the pitchers mound, on deck circles, bullpen, first base, second base, third base, and sometimes the base line. Our baseball infield spot cover tarps are made in Cullman, Alabama and will be built to order in one week.

More About Chain Loaded Infield Spot Covers

26 foot round home plate and 18 foot round mound covers are the two most popular sizes of infield spot covers but we can build any size. The vast majority of baseball spot covers are constructed of Spruce colored 18 ounce vinyl coated polyester but we stock many styles of solid and mesh fabrics with ample color options. Custom sizes and shapes are our specialty. Custom tarps have the same cost per cut square foot and ship just as quickly as the sizes displayed online. If your team's baseball field requires a custom shape infield spot cover please contact us with a sketch that displays the measurements, radius, and angles to order.