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Custom Size Mesh Bleacher Enclosure Tarp Curtain - Rectangular Back Panel

  • Constructed using 9oz vinyl coated polyester tex mesh fabric
  • Custom built to fit your specifications
  • #2 brass grommets in corners plus every 24" around hem
  • This fabric blocks 80% UV through the tarp
  • 2-ply webbing reinforced perimeter hem
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Baseball bleacher enclosure tarps are now required at many sports complexes, high schools, and grandstands. The area below a set of bleachers was never intended to be human habitat. A bleacher’s support structure is loaded with tripping hazards, crossmembers capable of causing head concussions, and countless sharp corners. Kids frequently get injured while playing in these areas, teenagers have a long history of misbehaving under the bleachers, plus today we often hear reports of peeping toms lurking below them. Bleacher enclosure tarps are a quick inexpensive way to avoid lawsuits plus they mask this unattractive rarely cleaned area.

Event venues that have decided to purchase grandstand enclosure tarps will need answers to all the following questions before purchase.

1) Would you prefer mesh fabric that allows air to flow through or a solid fabric that blocks 100% visibility?

2) For bleachers with more than six rows do you only want to enclose the lower 5 foot or all the way up?

3) Does local code require the use of a fire-retardant fabric?

4) Do you only need to cover the triangular shaped ends, or does it need to span the length as well?

5) Will you be mowing/trimming near the tarps? If so, we should leave a gap.

6) What is the height and length for each side that will be enclosed?

7) Do you have a color preference?

8) How do you plan to secure the tarps to the bleachers?

Emailing us pictures of the bleachers is always a good way to get the ball rolling. We will use them to mark the locations on where you should measure plus offer suggestions on how to attach the tarps.


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  • Made to Order - Ships in 10 business days
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