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Baseball Cage Collar Turf Protector Tarp for Batting Practice - Tomahawk Style - Fits 26' Home Plate

  • Protects the turf around the outside of home plate
  • Three standard sizes shown plus we custom build
  • Two mesh fabric options allow water and air to pass through
  • Grommets every 36" around hem
  • Durable design can be reused for many seasons
Availability: Made to Order - In one week
Pricing: $779.00

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Baseball Batting Practice Cage Collars

Baseball turtle cage collars are a type of turf protector used to protect the grass area surrounding home plate during batting practice. We offer three shapes of baseball turf protectors to fit either a 26’ or 30’ size home plate in 8oz standard or 10oz premium fabrics. All of our turf tarps are built in Cullman, Alabama within one week of receiving the order.

What size do I need?

Our standard sizes are 25’, 30’, or 35’. This measurement is not the tarp size but the distance from the back tip of home plate straight towards first or third base. These sizes are designed to line up perfectly with the Radius or Halo style Turf Protectors and we always encourage selecting the matching size. 30’ is our most popular which is often selected by high school and college teams that practice on the same field where games are played. Teams with a stadium designed to accommodate more than 5,000 fans often select 35’ of coverage.

What shape do I need?

The vast majority of cage collars in use today are the Tomahawk Style. This design features 90 degree corners and straight lines which makes stretching out the wrinkles faster plus the seams travel in the same direction of the foul line which for many fields will match the lawn stripping. Having said that this shape covers a bunch of unnecessary grass making it the least cost effective option. Our Horseshoe Style features a more natural baseball field shape with coverage in all the right places at a drastically reduced footprint which is the reason for the great price. The horseshoe design lines up perfectly with the Radius or Halo Style turf projectors to completely surround home plate. Due to its double radius the Halo Style takes the longest to deploy but once installed it fits the field like a glove for an extremely clean look with the perfect amount of coverage.

Will it fit my team’s field?

Cage collars are an extremely unique shape that will only fit one specific combination of field features. The products displayed on this page are specifically designed to fit fields with a 26’ round home plate that has the foul line centered on a 6’ wide clay base line. If your field features a different radius, alternate base line width, offset foul line, or a turf base line this product will not fit but this same design made to match your field’s features will have a similar cost.

What if my team needs a custom size?

Custom tarps are what we do. Orders for a custom size will have the same cost per square foot and ship just as quickly as the sizes displayed on this page. To provide a quote on a custom size cage collar we need to know the following 1) the diameter of home plate, 2) clay or turf base line, 3) width of the base line, 4) centered or offset foul line, 5) the desired coverage behind home plate, 6) the desired coverage from the back tip of home plate towards first base, 7) the desired coverage towards the dug out, 8) your desired style/shape.

8oz Standard vs 10oz Premium

8 ounce is the industry standard fabric for baseball cage collar turf protectors. It is a vinyl coated polyester mesh fabric with a 20 percent open weave that allows water and air to pass through allowing them to be deployed for hours without damaging the turf underneath. This fabric has proven its durability in ballparks all around America for multiple decades. The 10oz premium fabric is also vinyl coated mesh but with a unique weave that promotes both traction and drainage. It features a heavier vinyl coating with an improved abrasion rating plus the heat sealed seams lay much flatter for a clean wrinkle free look. Flat seams, improved traction, and fast drainage are valuable characteristics to have on tarps that will have players, coaches, and fans standing on them.

What color should we purchase?

The mesh fabric used to produce baseball cage collar turf protection is available in several colors like black, blue, green, red, yellow, and white. We ALWAYS recommend purchasing the Spruce color which is the closest to grass creating the most realistic in game batting experience. If your team has blue grass, it might make sense to purchase a blue tarp but for everyone else get the Spruce color.


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  • BB-26-Cage-Collar-Tomahawk
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