Lookout Mountain Tarp - Smoke Tarps

Our nose smoke tarp for flatbed trucks and trailers are made in the USA and ship within 5 business days. Enter your dimensions for an instant quote that includes free UPS shipping.

More About Smoke Tarps

Smoke tarps are used to cover and protect loads on a flatbed truck and trailer. They are often referred to nose tarps because they are used to cover the front of a cargo load. Smoke tarps can be installed as one single tarp that will keep smoke, bugs, and road debris off the cargo or they can be used in conjunction with a steel tarp that is turned sideways to cover boxed shaped loads. Nose Smoke Tarps are constructed using an 18-ounce vinyl coated polyester fabric that has proven to be the best choice for this style of tarp. D-rings and grommets are incorporated into our design for plenty of attachment points to secure the load.