Lookout Mountain Tarp - Lumber Tarps

17’, 20’, & 27’6” lumber tarps are in stock ready for immediate pickup or shipment in both the 6’ drop and 8’ drop sizes. Custom sizes / colors built in about 5 days. Made in the USA with free UPS shipping.

More About Lumber Tarps

Black 18-ounce lumber are in stock ready for immediate pickup or shipment. Colors or custom sizes are built to order and ship within 5 business days. We stock 6’ drop as well as 8’ drop in 17’, 20’, or 27’6” lengths. Order two of the 27’6” length for 51’ of coverage. Shed up to 30 LBS per tarp by selecting the 3-piece style. Order two 17’ plus a 20’ center for 48’ of coverage or select two of the 20’ with flap plus one 20’ center for 54’ of coverage. The center tarp doubles as a coil tarp or machinery cover plus 3-piece lumber tarps are less expensive to replace once damaged. All our lumber tarps are built in the USA by real Americans.