Lookout Mountain Tarp - Covered Wagon

Our covered wagon tarps for flatbed side kits are custom made to match your trailer for a perfect fit. Use the printable order form to measure your trailer. Once ordered we build and ship within 5 business days.

More About Covered Wagon

Covered wagon tarps fit flatbed trailers that have a side kit installed. Side kits are removable walls installed on a flatbed trailer to enclose the cargo. Metal bows span across the trailer to support these walls as well as to provide structure for the tarp that will act as a roof. These tarps are known as a covered wagon and will be fitted to match the shape of the side kit. Our standard covered wagon tarp fits trailers with now box across the front bulkhead, a half size bow about 30" behind the bulkhead, and full height bows the rest if the way back. If your trailer has a bow across the bulkhead, height extending raised bows, or a size other than shown please contact us for a free quote. Our covered wagon tarps are constructed using 18-ounce vinyl coated polyester and feature a 60" tail flap across the back. Choose from the 96" or 102" trailer sizes. Then select your trailer length and bow height to learn the price which includes free UPS shipping. Before ordering click the drawing to download a printable measurement form you can carry out to the trailer. We store these measurements so next order simply tell us you want one built just like the last one.