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Black Seamless Mesh Asphalt Flip Tarp with Flaps for Dump Truck Beds and End Dump Trailers

  • Made with 95% Solid Closed Mesh
  • Hemmed edges with 2" polypro reinforcement webbing
  • Five front mounted brass spur grommets attach to roller bar
  • 6" rear pocket for tarp arm to pass through
  • Seamless one piece design
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Flip tarp systems are commonly used to cover a dump truck bed, end dump trailer, or roll off container. This system could be manual or electric and includes a front mounted roller bar plus a tarp arm that will extend the tarp up and over the load from front to back.

Most flip systems recommend the tarp be purchased at a width that is 10" narrower than the front roller bar. The tarp length is usually purchased at 2' longer than the bed it will be covering. This extra two foot of length will help to cover any cargo protruding above the top rail plus leaves some material on the roller to ensure the tarp will roll up straight.

This replacement flip tarp is built using our 7.5-ounce polypropylene closed mesh fabric. The material has a tight weave that is 95% solid which allows water / air to flow through while still containing fine particles like sand. Unlike our other fabric options this material comes on a 108" roll that allows for seamless construction up to 8.666' wide. This is our go to fabric for asphalt due to its 320-degree temp rating and slick calendered finish that prevents asphalt from building up on the tarp. The slick finish and seamless construction also help to prevent snagging which is ideal for fleets hauling solid waste to a landfill.

Our standard flip tarp design has a rectangular shape. The front and sides are folded over creating a 2-ply thickness known as the hem. Heavy duty polypro webbing is used to boost the hem's tear strength by 600 LBS. The tail end of the tarp is folded over to create a 6" pocket for the tarp arm to pass through. This pocket is reinforced by the webbing from the hems. The pocket is sewn closed with a double lock stitch using our heavy duty 277 polyester bonded thread which has been tested to outperform a welded pocket. Five grommets are installed across the front hem for attaching the tarp to the roller bar.

Many states now require dump tarps to include side flaps as well as a tail flap. Paving companies often use this same design to help hold in the heat while hauling asphalt. The side flaps are built 2" shorter than the tarp and hang down 12" per side. Side flaps are sewn in such a way they naturally fold on top of the tarp when not strapped down. The tail flap is also 12" long and is built to match the tarp width. Brass grommets are punched in each corner plus every 24" around the hem. Bungee cords or shock cord are typically used to secure these flaps during transport.


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  • FT7.5F
  • Lookout Mountain Tarp
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