Lookout Mountain Tarp - Dump Truck Tarps

Custom size flip tarps for dump truck trailers are made to order within 5 business days. Enter your dimensions for an instant quote that includes fast shipping.

More About Dump Truck Tarps

Flip tarps are often used on dump truck beds, end dump trailers, and roll off containers. This style of tarp flips up and over the cargo from front to back. 18-ounce vinyl is waterproof and has the highest tear strength making it our most popular fabric type for dump trucks. If hauling rocks, gravel, or other items that can get wet select the 11oz open mesh. We recommend the 7.5oz closed mesh for asphalt due to its 320 degree temp rating plus the 95% solid weave does an excellent job of containing fine particles like sand. The most dump tarps are ordered 7' or 7.5' wide. If you are not sure what width is needed measure the front roller bar and subtract 10". Most buyers purchase a length that is 2' longer than the bed it will be covering. If your states requires the sides be strapped down select one of our tarps with side flaps to remain DOT compliant. Use our quick tarp calculator to learn what your size will cost.