Lookout Mountain Tarp - Dump Trailer Tarps

Order custom size roll tarps for dump trailers. Constructed out of heavy-duty solid vinyl or mesh fabric. Built to order in about 5 days and made in the USA!

More About Dump Trailer Tarps

Side roll tarps are often used on open top trailers with either a belly dump, end dump, or walking floor feature. This style of tarp rolls from side to side using a pair of pipes. 18-ounce vinyl is the industry standard for roll tarps, but we sell more of the 22oz due to its increased tear strength and abrasion rating. If hauling rocks, gravel, or other chunky items that can get wet select the 11oz open mesh. We recommend the 7.5oz closed mesh for asphalt due to its 320-degree temp rating plus the 95% solid weave does an excellent job of containing fine particles like sand. Manual roll tarps are usually ordered at 9.5’ or 10’ wide. Electric systems need extra travel and are often ordered at 10’6” wide. If your trailer has high arch bows across the top additional width may be required. For belly dump trailers order a length that overlaps the cap at least 6” both front and rear. For end dump trailers measure from the front cap indicator to the tailgate to learn the length needed. Use our quick tarp calculator to learn what your size will cost.