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Custom Size Stadium Field Row Section Seat Cover Tarps (Call for Price)

  • Custom fitted to fit each section perfectly
  • Quickly strap in position with no drilling required
  • Available in mesh and solid fabrics
  • Sewn in label shows section / row number
  • Pays for itself with reduced staffing
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Stadium seat covers are used at football, baseball, and multi-use stadiums to cover unsold seats during an event. Seat cover tarps help keep guests in their proper seat while helping the stadium appear full. As an added bonus, stadium tarps eliminate the need to secure unused sections during the event and no cleanup is needed after. This reduction in staff often pays for the project in less than one season and the tarps will last for years.

Teams interested in covering unsold seats have a few decisions to make before we can provide a cost. First you need to decide which sections and how may rows within those sections will be covered. Then we need to select between mesh or solid fabric. Many municipalities require a flame-retardant fabric be used, and if pyrotechnics will be used, the fire marshal will require this as well. Finally, color is often a deciding factor. We stock a large variety of colors, but if perfectly matching your team is a priority, at least 90 days will be needed to acquire the materials.

We will need measurements for all sections to be covered to provide a quote. For rectangular shaped sections, we need to know the width across, height from top to bottom, and the distance between each row. For corner sections, we require a drawing that displays all perimeter dimensions as well as any radius or angles. A drawing is also helpful for sections that require a notch to fit around breezeways, fences, or other obstructions. Keep in mind, code typically requires the top row, all stairs, and any walk ways to be unobstructed.

We prefer to test fit one entire section before building the rest of the project. As a general rule, we try not to cover more than 10 rows of seating per tarp so each section will consist of multiple tarps. Labels that display the section number as well as the location within that section will be sewn into the hem of each tarp. Webbing straps are used to secure the tarp to the bleachers and will be inserted about every 5' around the hem. These straps will wrap around the bleacher or its supports and feature a buckle that allows them to be quickly pulled tight. No cutting or drilling is required, and in most cases, installation is a two-man operation with no special tools required.



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