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Weighted Home Plate, Pitcher's Mound, or Base In Field Spot Area Cover Tarp for Baseball Softball

  • Constructed using 18oz waterproof vinyl fabric
  • Available as Round or Square (Custom shape available upon request)
  • Standard sizes shown plus we custom build
  • Steel chain weighted hem
  • Durable design can be reused season after season
Availability: Made to Order - Ships in 5 business days
Pricing: $178.00

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Rain spot tarps are used around the infield of baseball and softball fields. Applying infield spot covers during rain or routine turf maintenance will protect high traffic areas of the field that are prone to damage during games and practice. Field tarps protect the dirt around home plate, the pitcher's mound, as well as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base to ensure your team's grounds remain game ready.

Our preferred fabric for baseball spot covers is 18-ounce vinyl coated polyester. This fabric features excellent UV resistance and has proven its durability for generations around MLB parks. This fabric is assembled using heat seal seams which are virtually invisible and is 100% waterproof. The tarp's perimeter will feature a webbing reinforced hem with a chain weighted hem. We offer standard sizes of 10', 15', 18', 20', 25', 26' and 30' in round tarps as well as 10' and 15' in square tarps. However, infield spot tarps can be custom built to match any dimensions you provide.

Tarps with an integrated weighted hem feature a 1/4" steel chain sewn into the hem. This design is the easiest to install and has been tested to withstand wind speeds north of 50 MPH. There is no need to stakes or spikes which are time consuming and can damage turf. If you wish to further reinforce your tarps, our 40 lbs sandbags provide superior performance. If selecting the sandbags, we recommend using one bag for about every 3' of edge. For example, using the 20' square tarp as an example, there is 80' of edges so we recommend 26 sandbags.


  • BB-WTSpot
  • BB-WTSpot
  • Lookout Mountain Tarp
  • Made to Order - Ships in 5 business days
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