Lookout Mountain Tarp - Batting Practice Cage Collars

Baseball cage collars are a type of turf protectors used to protect the grass around home plate during batting practice. We offer three shapes of baseball cage collar turf protection called Tomahawk Style, Horseshoe Style, or Halo Style to fit either a 26 foot or 30 foot home plate in 8 ounce standard or 10 ounce premium fabrics. Our baseball turf tarps are made in Cullman, Alabama and will be built to order in one week.

More About Batting Practice Cage Collars

The sizes displayed online are designed to provide a perfect six inch overlap into a standard six foot wide dirt base line. Custom size cage collar turf protectors are our specialty. They have the same cost per cut square foot and ship just as quickly as the sizes displayed online. If your team's baseball field has grass base lines or any other unique feature, please contact us before ordering.