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Custom Right Triangle Shaped Tarp Cover - 7.5oz Closed Mesh 95% Solid Black

  • Constructed using 7.5oz calendered polypropylene mesh fabric
  • 2-ply webbing reinforced perimeter hem
  • #2 brass grommets in corners plus every 24" around hem
  • This fabric blocks 95% UV through the tarp
  • Mesh design allows water and air to pass through the tarp
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Triangle shaped tarps have one 90 degree corner with the width and length extending out beyond this corner. Right Triangle tarps from Lookout Mountain Tarp are custom built to match the specifications of your order. Regardless of the fabric type selected, the tarp will feature a 2-ply hem that is reinforced using 2" heavy duty polypro webbing, sometimes referred to as tape. This webbing is attached using two rows of our black 277 polyester bonded thread which features a 44 lbs. breaking strength that is nearly double the industry standard. In the corners, as well as about every 24" around the hem, #2 brass locking spur grommets will be machine punched through the hem to provide extra strength.

Select this 7.5-ounce polypropylene closed mesh fabric for projects needing durable, light weight fabric that allows some water and air to pass through or for projects requiring a fabric rated to withstand up to 320 degrees. We stock it as a 72", 108", or 144" roll size allowing many sizes to be built seamless. For larger tarps, this material can be assembled using heat sealed seams which are virtually invisible. This material has very little stretch and finishes true to size making it an excellent choice for projects with tight tolerances, unique shapes, or that require notches.


  • TR7.5
  • TR7.5
  • Lookout Mountain Tarp
  • Made to Order - Ships in 5 business days
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