Lookout Mountain Tarp - Industrial Equipment Covers

Order custom tarp covers for machinery and industrial equipment. Made out of heavy-duty waterproof fabric and built to order in about 5 days. Made in the USA!

More About Industrial Equipment Covers

Box shaped tarp covers are often used to cover pallets, crates, equipment, and machinery. We build them out of an industrial grade 18-ounce vinyl coated polyester fabric and offer 4 styles. Four-sided box tarps cover the top, front, left side, and right side with the bottom / rear exposed. These are often ordered in pairs that will slip over each end and overlap in the center making the overall length adjustable. We also offer a four-sided box tarp which features a tail flap that secures using hook and loop fastener. Five-sided is the most popular style of box tarp cover and protects everything except the underside. These are permanently sewn into a fitted shape for use on one specific product. Six-sided box shaped tarps cover all sides and open in the rear for easy loading. Use our quick tarp calculator to learn what your size will cost.