Lookout Mountain Tarp - Chip Trailer Tarps

Order custom size tarps for chip trailer & vans. Select from 2 fabric types and a variety of colors. Built to order in about 5 days and made in the USA!

More About Chip Trailer Tarps

Cable tarps enclose open top trailers that haul wood chips or shavings. Order the 7.5oz closed mesh for hauling fine particles like saw dust. If only hauling chips or bark the 11-ounce open mesh has a higher abrasion rating and will catch less wind both of which can increase a cable tarp's life expectancy. Either way it features D-Rings down both sides with grommets at each end and a pull strap down the center. Measure across the trailer from cable to cable and order to match this width. Measure nose to tail to learn the length needed and also check the nose shape for 90-degree square or angled corners. We always recommend adding a tail flap but if your driver will not take the time to secure it leave that option off. Cable tarps are built to order and will ship within 5 business days. All our tarps are made in the USA by real Americans.