Coil Bag Truck Tarp with Chain Holes for Rolled Steel on Flatbed Trailer

  • Constructed of 18oz vinyl coated polyester
  • Fitted design slips on quick and secures with bungee cords
  • Includes chains holes with rain flaps
  • One Row of D-Rings plus 14 around the seam
  • Webbing reinforced hem with #2 grommets
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Coil Bag is a popular style of tarp used to protect rolled steel or aluminum coils while being transported on a flatbed truck and trailer. Put simply, it is one rectangular center tarp and two rounded side tarps that are sewn together creating a 3D cylinder-shaped tarp. Coil bags drastically speed up the tarping process and weigh substantially less than a lumber tarp so drivers who haul coils often typically own at least one size of coil bag.

Lookout Mountain Tarp offers three styles of coil bags each of which offers advantages. This style is known as a coil bag with chain holes and drivers that prefer this style do so because the chains slip through cut outs on each side of the tarp. This allows the tarp to fit flat against the steel which often results is less flapping and longer tarp life. Plus, this style is sewn closed all the way down which makes covering everything much easier. This style bag must be slipped on before the chains are installed so drivers have it on deck ready to slip over the coil before loading.

Regardless of which style coil bag is selected it will be constructed using our heavy duty 18oz vinyl coated polyester fabric. The fabric panels are sewn together using a double lock stitch with our black 277 polyester bonded thread. To prevent the coil's sharp edges from cutting threads the seams are inside out, sewn twice, and reinforce with webbing. D-Rings are inserted into these seams adding 14 attachment points in crucial areas. An additional row of D-Ring will wrap around the center of the tarp. The chain hole is covered by a flap to help keep water out. The bottom of the tarp is folded over creating a 2-ply hem that is reinforce with webbing. #2 brass locking spur grommets are machine punched in the corners as well as about every 24" around the hem.

Coil bags are a fitted product that perform great on one specific size of coil. Attempting to use it on a smaller size can drastically reduce the tarp's life expectancy. Since coils are a round object the width and height are an identical measurement that we have shown as "Around" on the drawing. The distance from one round side to the other is shown as "Across" on the drawing. We add an extra 4" to these measurements so if you select the 6' across size it will actually measure 76". Purchase the size closest to what you will be hauling or contact us about having a custom size built.

Rolled steel coils are loaded on a flatbed one of three ways. The most common is called suicide which means the round opening is facing side to side on the trailer and if the coil was to break free it would roll towards the truck. Shotgun is the second option which means the round hole is facing front to back and the coil would roll to the side. Eye to the sky means the round hole is facing vertically. Our coil bag with chain holes will work with both the suicide and shotgun styles but will not fit if hauling eye to the sky.


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