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Custom 5-Sided Box Shaped Tarp Cover - 18oz Vinyl Coated Polyester

  • Constructed using 18oz waterproof vinyl fabric
  • Corners have double sewn seams
  • 2-Ply webbing reinforced hem
  • Grommets on each side of corner plus every 24"
  • Covers the top, ends, and sides with only the bottom exposed
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Box shaped tarps are one of our most popular product lines. They are often ordered in groups of 50+ by brands who include them with a product they manufacture. Our definition of a box tarp is a three-dimensional, fitted product with 90-degree corners that will cover some or all sides. We consider "width" to be the front end / rear end and therefore consider "length" to be the right side / left side. Our box tarps are divided into four styles: 4 sided, 4 sided with a tail flap, 5 sided, and 6 sided. All styles will be constructed out of waterproof 18-ounce vinyl coated polyester fabric. This material has excellent UV resistance and has proven itself for decades in the transportation industry.

Five-sided is the most common style of box tarp and is typically slipped on from overhead. The top, ends, and sides will be covered with only the bottom exposed. All four corners are sewn closed creating a custom size intended for one specific use. Due to being slipped on from above this style is rarely selected for heights over what people can reach.

Box tarps are a custom-made product that will be built to match the specs of your order. When purchasing a 5-sided box tarp, we recommend selecting a size that matches the height of what is being covered. For the width and length add about 2" to provide extra room for slipping it into position.

The outer perimeter will feature a two-ply hem that is reinforced with heavy duty polypro webbing. Brass spur grommets will be machine punched on each side of the corners as well as about every 24" around the hem. Corner seams are double sewn for increased durability, and three D-Rings can be inserted into these seams ($30 extra). Additional rows of D-Ring attachments can be added above the hem ($0.50 per foot). Many buyers select to include our clear Work Order pocket to provide easy access to paperwork. We also suggest replacing the webbing hem with a drawstring or a nylon shock cord ($0.08 per foot) for added protection. Please add an extra 2"-3" of height if selecting this option.


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  • Made to Order - Ships in 5 business days
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