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Custom Square Baseball Infield Turf Protector Tarp Cover - 10oz Vinyl Coated Mesh 80% Solid

  • Constructed using 10oz vinyl coated polyester tex mesh fabric
  • 2-ply webbing reinforced perimeter hem
  • #2 brass grommets in corners plus every 24" around hem
  • This fabric blocks 80% UV through the tarp
  • Mesh design allows water and air to pass through the tarp
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Baseball Infield Turf Protector

Baseball turf protectors are used to protect the grass area directly in front of home plate from ball strike divots during batting practice. In the corners, as well as about every 36" around the 2" hem, #2 brass locking spur grommets will be machine punched through the hem for extra strength. Lookout Mountain tarps are custom built to match the specifications of your order. Turf tarps are built to order in about a week.

What size do I need?

That is all up to your needs and measurements. Just give us the length and width of coverage that you need, and we'll handle the rest for plotting out how to form tarp. These Baseball turf protectors are custom built to match the specifications of your order. This material has almost no stretch and finishes true to size.

10oz Mesh Material

It is a vinyl coated polyester mesh fabric with a 20% open weave that allows water and air to pass through allowing them to be deployed for hours without damaging the turf underneath. This fabric has proven its durability in ballparks all around America for multiple decades. The 10oz fabric is a vinyl coated mesh with a unique weave that promotes both traction and drainage. It features a heavier vinyl coating with an improved abrasion rating, plus the heat sealed seams lay much flatter for a clean wrinkle free look. Improved traction and drainage may not be a factor while shopping for turf protectors, but if you plan to purchase a matching cage collar, these are valuable characteristics.


To get an idea on the "see through" capability of the Turf Protector, we've provided images above with our logo sitting under the tarp to help put into perspective the visibility that you'll have with these mesh tarps. This will also give you the idea of the finalized appearance when compared to the typical 8oz vs our 10oz material used in these turf protectors.


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  • BB-Turf-Square
  • Lookout Mountain Tarp
  • Made to Order - Ships in one week
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